Central Monitoring System/Central Monitoring System

A Central Monitoring System efficiently manages various facilities in buildings such as factories, offices, large commercial spaces, hospitals, and schools by centralizing their operations. “A/s Ct-Brain” aggregates all information and creates a “visualization” system through data analysis. Operating this system can support energy savings and efficiency. It can be configured freely to meet the specific needs of the customer.

What is necessity/The Necessity of Central Monitoring Systems

A central monitoring system is a system used to centrally manage and control multiple air conditioning units and equipment. With this system, you can monitor real-time data such as the operating status, temperature, humidity, and more of air conditioning units installed in different locations from a central monitoring center. In the event of abnormalities or issues, the system automatically generates alerts, ensuring that appropriate actions are taken.

Efficient Management

Centralized management of multiple air conditioning units allows for efficient operation and maintenance.

Energy Savings

Real-time monitoring allows for controlling facilities at the right time, reducing energy waste.

Trouble Detection

It can detect abnormalities or malfunctions in air conditioning equipment early, allowing for timely repairs and maintenance.

Remote Control

It allows for efficient operation by enabling remote control of air conditioning systems from the monitoring center.

Improved Comfort

By maintaining the appropriate temperature and humidity levels, it’s possible to enhance the comfort of residents or occupants.

Is your central monitoring system beyond its service life? In order to maintain safety and comfort while enhancing the asset value of your building, we also propose a reevaluation and renewal of your central monitoring system.